Positive Directions Launches Free Mindfulness Meditation Series

An Invitation from Jen Hrbek, Executive Director

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit our community in March 2020, my life has changed in so many ways.  I've faced new opportunities and inevitable challenges, but outweighing either of those is the increased gratitude I have for life and the lives of those closest to me.  Many of the things that I once took for granted have become the most important aspects of functioning in my every day life.  Since the quarantine and social distancing became the "new norm," I crave increased connection with family, friends, colleagues and even myself these days.  Can anyone relate? 

Being the mental health professional that I am, for the past several months I have been scheduling self-care breaks for myself to be still, calm and practice mindfulness meditation.  While it doesn't take much time or cost a dime, I have found that practicing being present in the moment offers enormous benefits to my spiritual and mental health.

Personally speaking, some of the side-effects I have felt as a result of this practice include:

  • Renewed energy and mental clarity
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Bringing forth a greater intention into my personal relationships
  • Increased attention to my goals
  • Feeling re-energized and committed to all that I do and all whom I serve
  • Closer connection to a higher power
  • Increased motivation
  • Greater compassion and connection to those around me

Mindfulness meditation is a gift that I regularly give to myself--and I want to share this gift with you.


Photo I took at Compo Beach in Westport during one of my mindfulness meditation breaks from work.

Free Mindfulness Meditation Drop-in Class

Earlier this year, we were lucky enough to have a highly skilled and talented friend of the agency, Alena Murphy, volunteer her time and talent as a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. She facilitated a mindfulness group for teenagers that was very well received. We continue to receive multiple requests from community members wanting more access to this type of group, so we are delighted to announce that Alena is back volunteering at Positive Directions! Together we will be hosting a FREE weekly Mindfulness Meditation Drop-in Class every Friday from 12-12:30 pm via Zoom. These classes are free of charge and open to anyone interested in participating. 

About Alena

Alena has practiced mindfulness meditation for over 20 years. She will soon be completing a two-year intensive training with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach, two well-known Buddhist practitioners and teachers responsible for introducing Buddhist mindfulness practice to the West.  She will receive her Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification from The Awareness Training Institute at UC Berkley's Greater Good Science Center.

Photo of Alena Murphy, 2020

We are so grateful to have Alena leading and facilitating this weekly session for us! I personally want to invite you to enjoy a break from your busy life and treat yourself to a relaxing and refreshing guided meditation with us. 


No commitment is necessary; we invite you to join in when you're able.  We do ask that all participants pre-register by contacting our office at 203-227-7644 or info@positivedirections.org.  This Drop-in Series will be offered every Friday, starting November 13th from 12 - 12:30 pm via Zoom.  I hope to see you there!

In peace,



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