Why a Virtual Support Group is Essential for Addiction Recovery 

People who struggle with addiction, often struggle with feelings of depression, anxiety, stress, and compulsive behaviors. It’s important for significant others, friends, and family to know and implement helpful ways to support their loved one through their long-term recovery journey towards a healthy lifestyle.

Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction can be a long and overwhelming process for a person without the proper guidance and support. Joining a support group provides individuals with a helpful resource they can benefit from during the recovery journey as they meet with other people going through similar situations. It is always encouraged for people to join with their families and friends in order for them to learn how they can properly support their loved ones.


Self-management and Recovery Training (SMART Recovery)

In an effort to provide additional help to those struggling with substance abuse recovery, Positive Directions offers weekly virtual SMART Recovery support groups. SMART Recovery is a free virtual series of support methods for people who have battled substance-abuse addiction and are now dealing with struggling to cope in healthy ways. SMART methods are based on the tools of SMART Recovery and CRAFT Therapy (Community Reinforcement & Family Training).


SMART Recovery Friends and Family Support Group


Meetings provide the opportunity for concerned significant others to learn the right tools they need to effectively support their loved one, without reinforcing the addictive behavior. These tools also benefit clients’ families and friends as they can learn how to better cope with their loved one’s situation and regain their peace of mind. Both parties can join these virtual sessions to show their full commitment to a substance-free recovery.

The family and friends support group meets every Monday on Zoom from 5-6PM EST. 

To learn more about this support group and locate the Zoom meeting invite, click here.


SMART Recovery Group for Young Adults (18-25)

This virtual support group is for young adults from ages 18-25 that are experiencing the same struggle with substance-abuse in their daily lives. This group meets every Wednesday on Zoom from 5-6PM EST. 

To learn more about this support group and locate the Zoom meeting invite, click here.


What to Expect During A SMART Recovery Session


  • Developing skills to help you cope
  • Receiving support from others
  • Learning effective communication skills
  • Building and maintaining motivation to change
  • Learning to cope with urges
  • Managing your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors 
  • Restoring balance in your life

In order to receive the maximum benefit from these virtual support groups, it is encouraged for those who wish to receive help to attend regularly with their loved ones. Together, they will be able to learn as many skills as possible and receive continuous guidance from our staff and other group members. 

To learn more about our other support groups offered, click here.


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